Daily Horoscope (September 11, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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All those emotions coursing through you need an outlet. Don’t lash out at someone. Get some vigorous physical exercise to blunt the edges.
You’re extra aware today that your loved ones are important to you. Hug the ones that are close by, and send a nice note to those far away.
Feelings you’ve tried to ignore come to the surface. Stay home and keep your own counsel, but do record your thoughts in a journal or blog.
Your mood is gentle. You see the past, present and future at once. Focus ahead a few weeks. This could be the start of an important project.
You wake up in a loving mood. Strike a balance between soothing your need for emotional connection and your need for financial stability.
Turn your discerning eye toward your home today. Clean and make things more comfortable. Then enjoy the peace of mind that comes with work.
You’re in a sentimental mood today. Old memories pull at you. You’re waterlogged in emotion. Avoid emotional eating and retail therapy.
You may not admit it, but you feel vulnerable today. This might be a specific worry or a general feeling of anxiety. Try deep breathing.
Today you might put your foot in your mouth. It’s hard to talk about your emotions, and it’s easy to blame someone else for your feelings.
You feel emotionally vulnerable because you’re so aware of your precious blessings — and how quickly they could leave. Live in the now.
Your mood is suddenly cloudy. It’s as if your heart is water-logged with sentimental memories and feelings. Face and release these emotions.
A sentimental mood washes over you. Reach out to your family and friends. One of them could use a good dose of your strength and caring.
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