Daily Horoscope (August 31, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Take innovative steps toward a goal today. Pursue a creative idea, something no one else has thought of, even if others think it’s strange.
Your friends may seem aloof today, but don’t let it worry you. Get involved with whatever they’re working on. This brings you closer.
Welcome to a delightfully interesting day. Get out of the house. Interact with people. You may end up involved in an important cause.
It’s hard to relate to others today. But remember, whatever makes you nervous reveals a lot about your own assumptions and prejudices.
Today, you may argue over the best way to pursue a project or a cause. Instead, listen to the other side. Do what’s best for the group.
A person or idea you encounter today seems downright weird. Don’t reject it just because it seems strange. Work on becoming more tolerant.
Using your mind is pure fun today. Brainstorm with other people to invigorate a project. Have fun with the mental workout this day brings!
Your interests and tastes turn toward the decidedly unusual today. Chasing oddities for their own sake is a waste of time and energy.
Flashes of insight come quickly and often today. Technology helps streamline your life, so explore computer programs and wireless devices.
You’re a leader, but today, ask for input from others — even those less experienced or knowledgeable than you. Team efforts are best now.
Solve a puzzle or create something unique today. Innovative work brings a sense of discovery. Ignore accusations that you’re too out there.
A strong humanitarian urge pushes you to help others today. Find the balance between helping people and letting them take advantage of you.
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