Daily Horoscope (August 22, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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You’re independent, but you need closeness sometimes. Today, a friendly approach draws people toward you. Brash behavior pushes them away.
You might submerge your individuality today in a bid for closeness. You want harmony. If that means being less opinionated, so be it.
Your natural flexibility comes in handy today. You can serve as the glue that holds a group of friends or a team of coworkers together.
Togetherness and harmony are even more important today than usual. But resentment or irritation could mar a lovely day. Choose your battles.
Your artistic flair blends easily today with your social abilities. Take advantage of this brief opportunity. Blend groups and efforts.
Cooperate with other people today. Unified efforts are more effective than solo ones now. Launch a partnership — after doing your homework.
You have a goal in mind, and you can’t reach it alone. Ask friends or coworkers for help. Just don’t let conflicting opinions throw you off.
Avoid pushing a selfish agenda today. Supporting the group is a tactical move. You’ll gain others’ support later if you give them yours now.
Welcome to a fun day. Bounce from one gathering to another, even if you’re at work. At home, swap stories or play word games with family.
This could be a frustrating day. You try to keep your kids or coworkers on task, but they keep goofing off! Build in plenty of downtime.
Work in harmony with others today. Togetherness flows easily, and cooperation is second nature. You can get a lot done with so much support.
You want to please everyone, but that may mean forgoing your own wishes. Don’t be so quick to back down. Find a way to balance this out.
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