Daily Horoscope (August 17, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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You’re faithful to your ideals. You’re a vibrant witness to a larger truth. Tell it like it is for today. No one’s going to argue.
Why are you so stubbornly retro? For another day, at least, it looks good on you. But you might also benefit from something more current.
Forget dignity for today. Let your frisky side take over. Roll in the grass. Flirt with an attractive stranger. It’s all in fun.
Honesty is still the best policy. Protect your integrity by telling only the truth today. A little hyperbole is okay after that.
Bring your determination and concentration online. Focus your energy on your objective for another day. You’re right, and you’ll prove it.
Approach success and failure with humility. Give your critics a warm welcome during the next two days. They’ll love you whatever you do.
You’re easy on the eyes today. Be glad that you don’t have to work so hard on appearances. There are more pressing matters.
Keep all drama onstage for today. Shroud your personal life in modesty instead of mystery. Make things easier for yourself, not harder.
You’re moving beyond happy into joyous. Superior beings will be at their best and brightest today. Shine your light on the world.
You’re almost there, but something’s missing. You might spend a standoffish, cantankerous day figuring it out. Maybe others can help you.
You’re a courtly lover and a faithful friend. You’re also a little too good for this cold, cruel world. Be on guard for a couple of days.
Directions and responsibilities become overbearing. You’re pessimistic and disorganized today. Maybe this is just your way of rebelling.
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