Daily Horoscope (August 11, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Nobody’s enforcing any restrictions, but keep behaving yourself for now. Any deals you make should be straightforward and squeaky clean.
Colors and textures matter today. Blend without clashing. Surround yourself with comfort and watch it spread to others. Start something new.
When inspiration strikes today, take heed. Carry a pen and notebook so you can record your strokes of genius. They’re important for later.
Your chivalry draws people your way, and love keeps them there. Whether or not you’re trying to do this, you deserve the goodness it brings.
Who appointed you judge, jury and bailiff? Others may find your magisterial attitude tiresome today. Adjourn this session.
You’ve done your work. The dominoes are aligned. Everything is just as you planned. One little push is all it takes to set this in motion.
Don’t depend so much on set patterns. Instead, start thinking about how to liberate yourself. Claiming your freedom feels strangely good.
Today you’re cultured, magnetic and a little dangerous. Recognize the energy you’re putting out. Be selective about who you attract.
Your quirky ways may or may not be charming. Pay attention to others today. You may need to work a little harder to fit in.
Material results are a lot more satisfying than any theory could ever be. Plus, you’re in the mood to enjoy yourself on a physical level.
Something or someone is getting under your skin. This irritation may be real, or it may be in your head. Either way, manage it gracefully.
You have an extrasensory edge for the next day. Be sure to use it. No one can hold you back. You’ll flourish under any conditions.
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