Daily Horoscope (July 7, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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You have the courage and energy needed to act on big ideas, and today those big ideas come in droves. You can motivate others to action.
You feel a bit sore and stubborn today. But how will you learn new things that way? Try to get more comfortable with challenging ideas.
Gather with friends for a group project today, or throw yourself into a cause with other like-minded people. This produces ingenious ideas.
The world seems chilly today. Emotional connections are harder to make; people need solitude. Do some reading. Keep your mind open.
A strange vibe descends, and vague concerns send you looking for something to cling to. Just try not to be too stubborn in your thinking.
An intellectual approach works well today — perfect for you, Virgo. Take a scientific approach to tackling all projects and problems.
Your bohemian side comes to the fore today. Trade ideas with friends. Get inspired and follow your hunches. You could be on to something!
Dig deeply into a subject that interests you. Take a scientific approach to data trends. But don’t let your preconceptions inhibit learning.
Your curiosity is boundless today. Focus your bright ideas toward a particular project or problem. Better yet, get others in on it with you.
You’re all about traditional approaches and respecting the rules. But today, you see the wisdom in radical thinking and calculated risks.
Your mind works on a higher level today. Keep a pad and pen handy for recording your ideas. You could come up with something revolutionary!
You’re excited today, as if a universal energy current has switched on a light bulb in your mind. Enjoy the excitement of new experiences.
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