Daily Horoscope (July 31, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Don’t be surprised if anger leaks out during the next day. You aren’t in the best of moods, and irritation could get the best of you.
You want some leisure time, but be patient if there’s a little business mixed in. You’re plenty strong enough to keep the machinery running.
Who started this quarrel, anyway? The reason escapes you. So start looking for common ground, because it’s not worth the discomfort.
You want financial security as well as comfort. But try not to smother people. Calm down and trust in the universe to provide what you need.
Sentimentality comes with a price tag. Is that why you’re so grumpy today? If you can’t really afford it, don’t go there. It’s that simple.
You don’t have to be vigilant quite yet. Just observe for another day or so. Opportunities will come and find you with remarkable ease.
Others question your touchy responses. You’re a bit perplexed, too. Keeping an easygoing attitude might may be rather challenging today.
It’s time to manifest a better reality. Make an executive decision that works for everyone. Others are counting on you, with good reason.
If someone around you is acting crazy today, you’re able to stay rational and calmly introspective. So what if others think that’s dull?
Being disciplined doesn’t make you a stick-in-the-mud. Show some humor and passion today. You’re just as fun as they are.
Humanitarian urges gain you extra karmic brownie points today. Yes, fate seems to be on your side, but good behavior still counts, too.
You can be the consummate host today, thorough and precise about meeting your guests’ needs. It’ll seem as if you were born for this.
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