Daily Horoscope (July 3, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Curiosity makes you heedless of boundaries today, whether literally or figuratively. Good thing you know how to squeeze out of tight spots!
Let people find their own paths today — especially kids and students. Don’t squelch their sense of discovery by being too opinionated.
Expect excitement, thrills and adventure. If you can’t travel to a new place geographically, visit someplace new in the realm of ideas.
Be tolerant and flexible today. Basically, embrace whatever makes you feel uncomfortable! Soon, it won’t seem so impossibly idealistic.
You need lots of personal freedom today, and fortunately, you’ll have it. Explore your options. This is how you grow into who you are.
Get caught up in today’s sense of inquiry and discovery. Even if you just prove your own convictions, you’ll know they’re well founded.
Spontaneous acts of self-liberation reign today. Hit the road if you can, or explore the thrilling world of ideas and free your mind.
Push yourself to take a broader, more philosophical view of life today. Recognize that you’re just one small part of a grand scheme.
Your mind is stimulated today. It’s a great day for adventure. Make sure it’s something that allows you to toss expectations out the window.
Today, cold, hard facts aren’t as important as a larger, more philosophical viewpoint. Turn your focus toward the horizon. It’ll make sense.
Your inner rebel flares to life today. One of your basic philosophies is ‘Question everything.’ You refuse to let yourself stagnate!
You’re in a philosophical mood today, so let your thoughts wander. Sooner or later, you’ll come back around with a new theory in place.
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