Daily Horoscope (July 27, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Your frenzied battle may soon be over. How can you prevail against such difficult odds? But you’re not quite ready for graceful surrender.
You play a crucial part in every situation. Stop blaming other people, and take responsibility for your smoldering temper or passion.
Today you switch from abrupt to gentle and back again. No one knows what to expect. Can you blame them for keeping their distance?
You seem stoic and inscrutable as a sphinx. Inside you roil with dark, beautiful passion. Only a lucky few will see the full you today.
It’s hard not to boast about your victories, but it only makes you look puffy. Be more modest and let others recognize your good works.
You have some pull, and today, you’ll command others’ attention. Break out the strategies you’ve been waiting to use. Now’s the time.
Internal order matters today. You may not be open about what it all means, but you’d also feel hurt if no one asked. Speak your truth.
Take direct action now. You’re too self-contained to ask permission. And you’ll probably have to get clearance if you wait any longer.
You have the creativity to improve on boring reality. But can you truly fulfill your dreams? Today is more about dreaming than doing.
You have a sense of purpose and many problems to solve. You welcome this motivation. Imagine what you’ll accomplish today! Make it happen.
Someone’s counting on you, but you’re a little unreliable. Try to improve today. You’re not the only one who’s important in your life.
Here’s that primal urge to merge again. The sublime and the ridiculous are equally appealing. You love this type of learning and growing.
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