Daily Horoscope (July 21, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Your luck holds for another day. Let your strong will and solid convictions do the rest. Relish your power without abusing it.
They want action and you come on like a swashbuckler. Appeal to refined tastes instead of base urges for a day or so. Amuse without abusing.
You’re a casual beacon of sparkling brilliance. Let your happy intelligence shine across the sky today. Make them all see the light.
Give yourself a day of self-awareness and self-discovery. Wander through the world in a subjective dream. For now, nothing can hurt you.
Make a bold move. If you’re gallant about it, no one will say you’re taking advantage. But if you make promises, stay to follow through.
Theatrical gestures trickle off the stage. The house will be empty for another day. Diligently rehearse lines for your future audience.
You’re carefree and helpful now that you have a sure thing. Accept this truth and give back to the world. This day is your statement.
Can you project outward from behind a veil? Bossy people might really be lost and lonely today. Lower your guard to share a secret.
Your warm heart enhances your opportunities. See what comes your way today. It’ll happen, because you sent out invitations.
Is that a defensive swagger to your walk? Find better ways to show your strength today. What they think may not even matter.
If you love something, set it free. Caring and liberation come with potential heartbreak. Be strong and virtuous today.
If you’re going to be a loudmouth, at least be motivated. Match your words with actions today. Be ready to trade comfort for results.
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