Daily Horoscope (July 13, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Today, you’re the embodiment of good humor. It’s a great time to contemplate and make plans. You’re unaffected by fame and fortune.
Use your common sense today. Take direct action when you believe in something. Between these two, you can’t go wrong.
You’re unswerving in your drive to freedom. But what will you leave behind? Wait one day to learn more about what you could be missing.
Your emotions are planting all kinds of wild seeds today which could turn into a problem as you have such a fertile imagination. Be careful.
Your skills are superior and you’re right. You won’t change for anyone. The world may accept this challenge in the next day, so beware.
Collect what you need. Be helpful to those who don’t know what they want. This will be a day of questions and answers. You like both.
You go back and forth between sublime and tasteless. You like many things. Just don’t assume you can please everyone today.
Try to control your extreme urges and get a fresh point of view. You may not see it yet, but there’s plenty of room to meet in the middle.
You offer brash words on ponderous subjects. No wonder everybody’s fleeing for the exits. Change course and lighten up for today.
You’re able to influence other people, including higher-ups, who are sure to be impressed with your performance. Everyone’s looking to you for cues.
Others see you as being too rigid. Maybe that’s why you scorn them so much. Lighten up for today. You actually have a lot in common.
Be efficient on multiple fronts. Show creativity in every medium. You already have the tools and supplies to make today special.
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