Daily Horoscope (June 9, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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You crave alone time and complete freedom. Ideas are firing, and you want to pursue them. Explain to others that you’ll be back soon.
Be honest as you express your thoughts, even if you’re worried you’ll upset someone. It’s important to speak your truth, in a gentle way.
You have a yen for freedom today. This is great if you’re left to your own devices, but it could cause some tension in a close relationship.
A loved one’s welfare weighs on your mind today, and your urge to assist others is aroused. Think of a new, progressive way to help.
Rely on your innate creativity to tackle a project toady. Think big, bold and well outside the box. Go smart and unique from the start.
A close relationship cools off today. People are busy with their own thoughts. You can get a lot done if you’re willing to work on your own.
You’re a people-pleaser by nature, but you’re also a leader. Take charge of a group today. Show everyone what a creative thinker you are.
Any struggle today signals that there’s a weak spot in your logic. It’s time to rethink your position. Don’t be afraid to change your mind.
Professionally and intellectually, this should be a very good day, but a personal relationship could be a bit rocky. You need freedom.
If something isn’t working for you today, it’s probably because you’re looking at the issue too narrowly. Blast through your own boundaries.
Get out of the house, so you don’t crawl out of your skin! You need freedom and stimulation. Work on developing an exciting new project.
You have a plan in mind to assist a worthy cause. Drum up support among your friends. They want to pitch in and help you change the world.
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