Daily Horoscope (June 5, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Impulsive? You? Yes — today even more than usual! You have a taste for spontaneity, and you don’t want anyone or anything to limit you.
Today your curiosity is piqued. New people or experiences beckon in their very strangeness! Open yourself up to this spirit of inquiry.
It’s a great day to learn something new. Open your mind to concepts you hadn’t considered before. Mental flexibility is a strength of yours.
Run-ins are possible today with people whose ideas don’t match your own. Instead of arguing, take a step back to gain a broader view.
A party-like atmosphere infuses the air today. You’re interested in everyone you meet. The more different they are from you, the better!
Today, don’t let your strong perceptions get in the way of an open mind. The current energy is perfect for learning something new.
You’re impulsive today, in the best way possible. You understand that your best opportunities come through a willingness to take risks.
Do you feel that sense of excitement quickening your blood? Today your gaze wanders toward the horizon. It’s time to change your routine.
Today, information found in a book isn’t as meaningful as the lessons you absorb through experience. Get out and get involved with life!
Your ideals, values and principles are highlighted today, and may be called into question. Don’t be afraid to question your beliefs.
It’s a great day to venture into unknown territory. Go exploring in your thinking or your research, or in a physical, geographical sense.
You possess an especially flexible, open mind today, so be sure to set some boundaries. There is such a thing as being too flexible!
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