Daily Horoscope (June 18, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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For today you prefer being down to earth. The high and mighty have farther to fall. Telling the unadorned truth is more interesting.
You’re comfortable in your creative role as a new cycle begins. Power up your latest and greatest. Get it online within the next two days.
Things haven’t changed in forever, and you wonder why. Curiosity might be the proverbial last straw. Ask with caution today.
Be good for a while. Let your inner sweetness and better angel rule you today. Set an upstanding example for the world.
Your vanity may triumph today. Adapting to a new system won’t be easy. Fighting will only complicate things. Make your peace now.
Watch and listen carefully. Spread civilization by acting civilized. For this day you’ll work for harmony because you love the sound of it.
You might not have much to say today. It’s the easiest way to avoid confrontation. Don’t withdraw to the point of disconnecting.
Don’t let your current contentment make you lazy. Those discriminating tastes of yours might close too many doors. Balance is critical now.
For today you’ll resist their bombast. You might even fire your own volley. If you’re all shouting and not listening, nothing gets done.
High energy won’t get the better of you today. In fact, it will focus you. Be diplomatic, humbly charming — and successful.
Relationships can bring substantial risk. Be more approachable during the next two days. Make sure you’re not working at cross-purposes.
You’re determined without getting in people’s faces. Manifest gently for the next day. You’ll grow a stronger team in the process.
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