Daily Horoscope (May 8, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Be spontaneous today. Live up to your important responsibilities, of course, but find a way to tap into the current, playful energy.
Today, consciously expand your horizons. Sometimes it’s important to switch things up, purely for the sake of change. That time is now!
You’re spirited and enthusiastic today, perhaps to a fault. You’ll need something to ground your energy so you don’t end up overdoing it.
Today, leave the comfort of familiarity behind, at least for a day. Challenge yourself to embrace unfamiliar people and experiences.
Today is a great day for learning something new and unexpected. Find a way to switch up your daily routine. Make an impromptu decision.
Life gets exciting today, but you’d rather things keep rolling along at the same, steady pace you’re used to. Still — shake things up!
Today, educate yourself about something new. Your mind craves stimulation. Big ideas hold appeal because they’re open to interpretation.
Today, set aside heavy emotional stuff and have fun. Access your youthful, playful side. Life doesn’t always have to be serious, does it?
You don’t want to be tied down today. Mentally and physically, you crave freedom. Under the current energy, you chafe at any limitations.
Today’s energy encourages you to break out of the bounds of rules and routines. Open your eyes to the unexpected freshness of the world.
Personal freedom is a must now. If you sense that someone or something is limiting your ability to live freely, you’ll get quite indignant.
Life gets adventurous today. This could be a lot of fun — or you may feel like a small boat out at sea, tossed about on choppy waters.
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