Daily Horoscope (May 28, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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You’re an odd mix for the next two days — a revolutionary firebrand who’s willing to please. You inhabit both planets. You can, so why not?
Arguments and crises are breaking out right and left. Try being friendlier for a few days. Maybe you’ll get through this mess unscathed.
You’re avid but not obsessed, peppy but not obnoxious. The next few days will bring easy access to your favorite places. Go with gusto.
You’re too prudent to overspend. In another day or two you might be ready for a shopping spree. Right now you’re happy with what you have.
Assert your obvious gifts. Play up your good looks and charm. Get people to notice you, and then you can get them to do anything you want.
You’re detached from your feelings for a day or so. It’s easy to check under the hood for forgotten memories. Wash them away when finished.
You’re totally OK with elegant, heartfelt solutions. Stand in awe of other people’s deep genius. Let them surprise you for a few more days.
Cut a bloated budget down to size today. Turn vindictive urges into creative tension. Find the goodness even in bad things. You’ll be glad.
You’d sacrifice it all in a moment of elation, but thank goodness you won’t have to. This time everyone works together, giving and getting.
Be uppity with a smile on your face. Negativity will send up red flags in the next two days. Cheerfully flout the rules by following them.
Be brave for the next two days. But look beyond the moment, too. Farsighted people are already mapping out their possible future routes.
Overconfidence masks insecurity. In the next two days it’s OK to admit that you don’t have all the answers. Honesty plays well around here.
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