Daily Horoscope (April 26, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Today you’ll get to demonstrate really positive emotions everything is so friendly, happy, comfortable and exciting.You’ll find your way.
For now, set aside all things fanciful, even if you’re in a playful, self-indulgent mood. Today, focus only on useful activities.
Your moves are deft and precise. This is going to matter today because you may have to pick up and follow someone else’s thread.
There’s no question about your versatility. You’re feeling strong and in tune. You have a message, and you know exactly what it is.
Your ambitions will lead you upward. This will feel natural today or maybe longer. Stay focused on your little slice of that big pie.
Stop replaying the past. The present works better, especially when you’re operating under your own steam.
You’ll be taken down some unexpected road to success today. You can’t beat the scenery or connections you’ll make along the way.
Don’t breathe a word about the things you’re not supposed to know. If anyone traces the slightest whiff of gossip back to you, you’re toast.
Maybe it’s your turn to change. Dare yourself to agree with an odd viewpoint even if you can think of a million arguments against it.
Break the stalemate before it breaks you. Mix the elements you’ve been struggling to keep separate but don’t do it all at once.
Today you’ll see again and again just how much you underestimate yourself. Get used to it, OK? Better still, stop underestimating yourself!
Anxiety is bad for you now. It’ll just scatter your power through nervous reactions. Try to have more faith in yourself.
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