Daily Horoscope (April 16, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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You’re glad to be at work or among friends. You want company and conversation. If excitement doesn’t find you, you’ll create it yourself!
You’re restless today, itchy under the skin. You may be wishing for more freedom, or perhaps your partner is. Either way, don’t fret.
You’re feeling sociable today, so find an excuse to celebrate. You aren’t in the mood to work, unless it’s on something that uses your mind.
You thrive on closeness and warmth, but today your closest connections feel a little detached. Don’t worry. This phase will pass soon.
People seem a little strange today — more aloof than you’d like. But maybe it’s you who’s coming across cool. Warm up, Leo. Reach out.
If you’re at work, you likely have some catching up to do. Brainstorm with others for some truly original ideas. Then test them out.
You won’t get much done if you have to work alone today. Your best ideas come when you’re working with a team or just chatting with someone.
You’re feeling tense and edgy today. Don’t take it out on others. They’re being friendly as they go about their business. You should, too.
It’s a good day to talk with other people about progressive ideas and plans. Gather a group and work as a team toward a better future.
You’ll keep yourself busy no matter where you are. Problems present interesting intellectual challenges. Work with a group for good results.
The Moon enters your own sign. This is a lucky influence! Take advantage of the burst of creative energy that infuses your life today.
You’re extra concerned today with others’ welfare. Lend an ear to a friend or volunteer your time at a local charity. Make it progressive.
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