Daily Horoscope (April 14, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Lust makes you uneasy. Maybe it’s been a while, or maybe it’s about someone new. But should you even be thinking these thoughts?
Stay in control at all times. Good humor will put a happy face on any show of strength that you have to put out there today.
Strangers recognize something different about you. Now is your chance to see how the other half lives but the change won’t last.
Today everyone here is like family. That can be good or bad, depending on how you feel and function around your actual family. Stay calm.
Here come two days of swaggering follow-through on fastidious details. Others won’t know what to make of you. Will you keep them guessing?
In spite of your big ambitions the god or devil is in the details. Honor the spirit of what you’re doing but leave nothing to chance.
You’ll submit but you won’t go quietly. Cooperating under protest feels virtuous…it’s the easy way out. Take the moral high ground.
Self-confidence is cool, but self-deception isn’t. Don’t forget about the untapped reserves you can find near the surface today. Don’t be shy.
Take a little break from consumer culture. Some hard work or quiet contemplation will do you good.
You’ve accumulated way more data than you actually need. Open your eyes and heart a little wider to make room for a lot more fairness in life.
There’s no shame or harm in letting machines and computers do the heavy lifting.You work so hard that you’ve earned this little break.
Yesterday’s all-knowing cockiness is today’s joke about the mistakes you made. Keep that smile on your face as you look toward the future.
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