Daily Horoscope (February 26, 2019)

Kelli Fox

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What brought on this peppery mood? For this edgy day, you’re perfectly positioned to learn yet another life lesson — a fun, exciting one.
Any practical jokes you pull today could quickly boomerang. And surely you aren’t laughing at others’ discomfort. That wouldn’t be like you.
Focus forward during the next day. Make connections. Keeping it real is critical. Notice the world in which you’re actually operating.
You’re being honest with some people but secretive with others. If everyone compares notes, they might start to notice the discrepancy.
Solving problems couldn’t be easier for you now. You can even make them go away before they happen. Someone will be thanking you soon.
Restrain your urge to lash out. Today, focus on being a model guest or host. Putting others before yourself can only build character.
Your inner free spirit is coming out to play today. Responding from the heart feels good, even in the simplest of situations.
If you encounter someone tactless today, don’t engage them. Instead, transcend their social ignorance and respond to their true intentions.
Maybe you’re a bit impractical, but right now who cares? Today your charm will outshine your mistakes. Get some mileage out of that.
Getting out of the house today, or even out of town, helps you adopt a more universal outlook. The world is a lot bigger than just you.
You’re quick-witted and slow to anger. Keep things light and positive for another day. Give any fresh approaches a fair chance to work.
The more you indulge, the worse you feel. Abstain and spruce up your image for another day. Others will notice and appreciate the change.
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