Daily Horoscope (December 9, 2018)

Kelli Fox

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Don’t be so annoyed. You’ll only set yourself up for a fall. You have control over your behavior, so play nice. Treat people with respect.
You’re self-assured, yet quietly reserved. You have no problem bragging if someone asks. Till then, you’ll keep moving steadily forward.
Work may feel like one step forward and two steps back today, but don’t go head to head with your boss. Stay humble and ask for assistance.
It’s as if you’re having to clean up after others’ messes, in addition to your own. Well, this can’t last long. Try not to play martyr.
Being stubbornly opinionated leads to reduced creativity and general inflexibility. Oh, well. Sometimes, change just isn’t your friend.
Clearly you’re accomplished in many areas. Now turn your attention to a specific, meaningful task. See what you can do with it today.
Something’s off today, and grumbling won’t restore your balance. You’ll have to take action. It starts with a small forward step.
Others may have good ideas, but for today, you’re the expert at analyzing your own motives and goals. This can help you get ahead.
It’s nothing ventured, nothing gained for you. At least you’re trying. And if your attempts don’t pan out, you’ll know what works for later.
Tradition is so predictable, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you rather seek out and meet challenges? You’ll have today to get into this forward rhythm.
Keep one eye on potential success. Keep another on anyone you know who could help you reach it. This is about using all available resources.
Some are calling you resourceful; others, prophetic. Maybe you’re both. You do seem to have all the answers today. Make some steps forward.
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