Daily Horoscope (November 20, 2018)

Kelli Fox

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Do something requiring courage today, because you’ve got a lot of moxie. Other people see you in action and only wish they could be so bold!
You may have to think on your feet today. If so, no worries. Your thoughts are quick. It’s easier than usual to make speedy connections.
Today you’re focused, direct and self-motivating. If you have something to accomplish, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting started.
Your inner power is on high today, but your energy is the flash-and-burn type. Take frequent breaks to make sure it doesn’t crash.
Today you’re truly the king or queen of the jungle. Let the world hear your proud roar! Even minor acts of courage feed your inner boldness.
The world gets heated up and passionate today. Will you be lured by that siren’s call into making spontaneous, even reckless moves?
Your natural leadership skills are activated today. Take charge in a teamwork-oriented way. Let others have as much autonomy as possible.
Raw energy pulses through your veins today. You’re much more impulsive than usual. Maintain your positive connections with other people.
Today, the fire of conviction burns within you — or at least the fire of audacity! You can create success almost out of thin air.
Today you’re willing to push hard for what you want. That may not be appropriate in some situations. Choose your battles carefully.
Today you’re motivated to accomplish something bold. You’re suddenly aware that your abilities aren’t nearly as limited as you thought.
You’re filled with a sense of adventure today. This is an energy source you can tap into, get inspired by, and use to your advantage.
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