Daily Horoscope (November 16, 2018)

Kelli Fox

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Impulsive moves misfire more easily today than usual. But you’re quick on your feet, Aries. If you make a misstep, just correct your course.
Your best qualities — patience, warmth, generosity — emerge today. You have a kind word for everyone. Pay close attention to others.
Your escapist tendencies are heightened today. Usually you’re too energetic to be pinned down, but now you want to bypass responsibility.
A tranquil mood sets in. In nurturing others, you nurture your own soul. You’re both softhearted and strong — truly emotionally balanced.
You’re unusually sensitive today. It seems like people are out to hurt your feelings, even though they probably have the best of intentions.
The harder you try to focus on logic or busy work today, the more chaotic life seems. Maybe you’re avoiding your feelings. Face them now.
You’re used to an active life, but today, disorganization slows you down. Your body is trying to tell you something. Get some rest!
You feel unusually tender and softhearted today. Love and romance flow easily. If you’re on your own, rest up or indulge your creativity.
A lazy mood sets in. Don’t be surprised if you just want to snooze on the job. Grab a nap if you can, or try yoga or meditation to relax.
Reach out today to someone you love, or lend someone your assistance. You’re practical enough to keep your boundaries firmly in place.
If you feel low-energy or uncertain today, don’t push yourself. Avoid anything fast-paced or challenging until your energy returns.
Your escapist side is prominent today. Lose yourself in dreams and images. This can be very productive. Fantasize about your perfect future.
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