Daily Horoscope (October 29, 2018)

Kelli Fox

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You’re being a little too familiar with other people. Even friends don’t find your snappy retorts all that funny. Respect their boundaries.
You love relaxing, but today, be ready to leap at a good opportunity. You can be considerate and get ahead at the same time.
This is your day to multitask, even if you feel spread a little thin. It’s okay to express your loyalty to more than one cause or group.
The cycle of your life begins again. Use the lessons you’ve absorbed. Don’t fret about lost allies; you have today to bring them around.
It’s great to be enthused, but don’t peak early. Focus today on maintaining steady energy and output. Save your real fireworks for later.
For some people, nurturing is a warm, fuzzy, instinctive thing, but you see it as an exact science. Time to focus on this area of your life.
You don’t want to be seen as indecisive, do you? Change your isolated ways today. Don’t mope. Climb into the light and stand tall.
Now you can penetrate deep mysteries and create beauty from chaos — your favorite kind of puzzle. Any challenges now are welcome ones.
Don’t get too self-indulgent. Flaking out now would really make trouble. People are counting on you, so drum up a little passion and energy.
You’ve got some serious decisions to make, and soon. But it’s hard to separate what you want from what you really need. Give yourself time.
Don’t hang on to old hurts or outmoded expectations. Aren’t you the champion of fresh, progressive perspectives? Employ that gift today.
Go ahead and be introspective to your heart’s content. Hole up someplace comfortable and dream. You’ll share your thoughts soon enough.
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