Daily Horoscope (June 8, 2018)

Kelli Fox

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Strength and energy are yours for the taking. Use them well! A little planning goes a long way. Map out your path before hurtling down it.
You’re in high spirits today. A serious boost in passion makes it fun to explore your inner fire. Just be sure to keep your temper in check.
Spunky, spontaneous energy puts you in the mood for fun today. Even work is okay. Think of creative ways to manage even tedious tasks.
You won’t take any nonsense today. Emotions are running high for everyone now. Take deep breaths and stay cool and considerate, Cancer.
Your charm and self-confidence are on high today. You’re perfectly positioned to accomplish something big. Have fun conquering the world.
Passions run high today. That means emotional run-ins. Be forewarned: If someone’s all worked up, logic probably won’t appeal to them.
You avoid conflict like the plague, but today, mini-skirmishes spark to life all around you. Stand up for yourself if you need to.
Getting what you want seems really important today. But before you burn any bridges, stop and consider what you might lose in the process.
Follow-through is no problem today. You have the courage of your convictions working in your favor. Unleash your inner passion and power!
High energy combines with a competitive urge. You’re ready to show the world what you’re all about. Just try not to crush the competition!
High energy and fast thinking help you make swift, decisive moves today. Make deliberate moves in order to create the reality you want.
An energy boost livens your spirits today. Have fun courting excitement and challenges! Life is for living, so ride out this energy surge.
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