Daily Horoscope (January 4, 2022)

Kelli Fox

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Things are coming together for you. You’ve got a refreshing, ingenious solution, and you’ve figured out the underlying meaning, too.
Break out of your usual routine. Even the slightest deviation brings surprising results. Learn from friends and acquaintances alike.
You’re more than alive today: You’re bursting with curiosity and mental energy. Stay focused and connected. Correlate facts and details.
You’d rather be alone today. Others feel social, but not you. That’s okay. Soon you’ll come out and grace the world with your presence.
Your fan club is making noise — something about individual rights and independence. Listen up. Acknowledge them and they’ll look up to you.
Turn your practical, detailed nature toward ideas that can make the world a better place. Don’t reinvent the wheel, though. What a waste!
Your vision is extraordinary today. You imagine the best possible future. This compensates for all the negative people around. Be uplifting!
People should have as much independence as they can handle, as long as they don’t step on your toes. Be tolerant if someone annoys you.
You’re renewed. You knew you were on to something good, and now others are agreeing. They’re adding their ideas to broaden your own.
You don’t see eye to eye with the group today. Find a way to coexist. It’s better than a face off! Avoid taking sides. Satisfy everyone.
There’s a change in the wind. You’re more than ready for a change, so plan carefully. Regard everything and everyone in a whole new way.
No one can pin you down today. Commitment is out of the question at the moment. Rather than evading other people, be merciful. Just say no.
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