Daily Horoscope (November 8, 2021)

Kelli Fox

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Know your limits today. Push yourself just far enough, but don’t overdo it. Respect the boundaries between yourself and another person.
Fine-tune your long-term goals today. Focus on timesaving strategies to help you take sensible, meaningful steps toward the finish line.
Don’t be surprised if life gets a little heavy today. People might seem utterly humorless! But sometimes, like now, you have to get to work.
Take care of business today. Staying focused could be tough, but you have a great deal of inner strength, and you know your own limits.
Today, make sure you’re still on the right track in your career and other long-term goals. Are you still honoring your true ambitions?
Work goes smoothly today and managing your responsibilities is easy, because your mental and physical strengths are integrated and focused.
Today, correct any imbalances that have developed. Get your spending, eating and exercising routines back on track. Renew your commitment.
Today you’re thinking about the future — how to make your path to your goals more direct. Emphasize practicality as much as quality.
Idealism doesn’t serve you well today. A sensible, realistic approach is more appropriate in response to any project or problem.
Today, avoid imprudent risks, but don’t miss out on positive opportunities. There’s a difference between being reckless and being savvy.
Today, process matters as much as the end result. Put in time at the start of a project to make sure it progresses smoothly till the end.
You’re emotionally grounded today. This makes it easy to be disciplined about your duties because you’re focused on overall stability.
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