Daily Horoscope (November 22, 2021)

Kelli Fox

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There’s danger in being too strict. Today, you might alienate a key ally. Stay fluid so no one will feel frozen out.
For now, nothing can ruffle your temper, so focus on areas of real concern. The little things will work themselves out in the meantime.
Your offbeat nature shines today. Some people may not get your point, but at least you’ll get them thinking. Maybe they’ll be on board soon.
Conventional wisdom will save the day. Smart beginnings now can prepare you for changing conditions. This could be an historic month.
Save your best energy for later. For now, you need a bit more proof that this is the real thing. Keep plugging away, quietly and steadily.
Instinct meets duty, and under your watchful eye, the two get along famously. Reach out to loved ones, but save some time for just you.
You’re not usually the suspicious type, but now, you’re feeling unsure of just about everyone. Don’t take this too far — it’s just a mood.
Submerge for this contemplative day, if you like. Draw deeply on your inner strength. Your gifts to the world are many, so be generous.
You’re sidestepping awkward issues. Why not put this energy toward a solution? If you can make that leap, you’ll sort it out very soon.
You show discerning taste and a grounded sense of what’s right. Still, listen to your partner, neighbor or friend, even if they disagree.
Something peculiar beckons. Shake off your melancholy and go see what it is. Unexpected happiness could rock your world today if you let it.
Intuition runs strong for another day. So does instinct. Keep your feelings as well as your logic engaged so you know both why and how.
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