Daily Horoscope (October 14, 2021)

Kelli Fox

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As a champion for radical honesty, today you’ll tell the truth and only the truth. Things could get pretty interesting!
Other people might see you as cold and impersonal today. Share your secrets, even the deep, dark ones. It’s sure to help.
A multifaceted individual, you’re comfortable wearing many different hats today. Dare to creatively transcend the norm.
You’ve been fighting an old, tired battle, but now it’s time to lay down your arms and push for peace. A new horizon beckons. Heed its call.
If things feel strange between you and a friend, you may be engaging in subtle power struggles. Back down and give them the spotlight.
You just don’t have it in you to put creative energy into a project. Your collaborators won’t like this, but you must preserve your health.
Try out some of your more abstract ideas today. Don’t be afraid of adding new colors to a pretty picture. You could improve it.
Today you’ll go beyond insistent and into headstrong. Pushing hard brings real consequences. Don’t pretend you didn’t know.
Today, a persuasive argument could lure you off your established path. Yes, it works in theory. But will it work in fact?
You’re on your own today, in touch with your own individuality. Don’t be surprised if going solo feels limited, too. You need your friends.
This is a time for remarkable individuals to shine. The spotlight’s on you. Make this day in the sun work for you in the long term.
The universe has its own ideas today. Good thing you’re so adaptable — you take the unpredictable in stride. This serves you pretty well.
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