Daily Horoscope (May 17, 2021)

Kelli Fox

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Gallant gestures and warm displays go far today. So do simple, everyday acts of chivalry. Put out goodness, and you get goodness back.
Warmth and connection seem extra important today. Don’t blow it out of proportion if it doesn’t happen. Maybe you’re trying too hard.
Today, it’s even easier than usual to make people laugh. This makes work and errands more fun. Your warmth brightens up everyone’s day.
Your love for friends and family burns like a steady flame. Today, be overt. Demonstrate your devotion, even if it makes you uncomfortable.
Today marks the start of a brand-new personal cycle for you! Think forward a month. Decide how to pursue a personally meaningful goal.
An outgoing mood makes it easier to reach out to people today, even to strangers. People are responding well to your positive energy!
Welcome to a feel-good day. It’s easy to get enthusiastic about anything you might have on your plate. Uniting people is a breeze now.
The world’s bright and sunny, but it seems hard to join in the fun today. Just relax and be natural. People like you. Make that connection.
You’re enthusiastic about a new adventure today. This is no time for solo ventures. Bring a buddy along as you explore a new idea or area.
It may seem hard to make a warm connection today. If so, maybe you’re trying too hard. You deserve love, regardless of your qualifications.
Today, some part of you wants recognition for all you do. But if it doesn’t come, be patient. Being a generous person is its own reward.
You’re in a romantic mood, but connecting may be more difficult than you’d like. If so, follow others’ examples. Work hard and be creative.
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