Daily Horoscope (April 8, 2021)

Kelli Fox

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You bristle with vigor. Your movements are liquid. Steady yourself and find focus. Your world can’t support chaos during the next two days.
Pacifists get angry, too. Show your feelings through your art. A day or two of pouring out your aggressions could be a wonderful release.
Maybe you’re weak now, but you can still be wicked. The best pranks take the least work. Try to stay out of trouble for another day or two.
For the next two days your inner light shines through whatever mask you choose to wear. Everyone can see into your warm heart. Why hide it?
Your brash talk hides deep insecurity. Someone may guess your secret in the next day or two. If that happens, cave in and admit everything.
You’re calm and efficient when working alone. Within two days others may upset your contemplative apple cart. Tolerate what you can’t avoid.
Your ulterior motives are vague. Taking the path of least resistance is okay for now. But will you know your opening when you see it?
Pacifists needn’t be passive. If you object to force, be consistent with your message. Two days of this can only underline your sincerity.
There you go again, swaggering over their boundaries. Rein yourself in today. If you want royal treatment, show your subjects more humility.
Be modest when they praise you. Don’t let it go to your head for the next few days. Why should you get extra credit just for being yourself?
Temper your universal outlook with local precautions. Revelations and revolutions make you uneasy for the next day or so. Lead a quiet life.
Adapt your quiet magic to a troubled landscape. Be a calming presence. Do this and they’ll forgive you for anything in the next few days.
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