Daily Horoscope (April 10, 2021)

Kelli Fox

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A whole new cycle begins today for you, Aries. Your energy surges and your creativity rises. Let this be the start of something special.
It’s almost time to act, but not yet. Keep doing your homework and get into shape. Then you’ll be ready to spring when the time is right.
You’re a fireball of activity today. Anyone who’s able to keep up wins your immediate attention. Draw the right people toward you now.
You prefer to determine your own schedule, not have it dictated by the needs of others. If you have to put up with this today, be gracious.
Your natural charisma shines through today. This is a good day to get approval or help from others. Be funny and concise. Win them over.
You hardly ever resort to force, but today you may feel like working out your frustrations on a physical level. Exercise is a good outlet!
Feeling feisty? A challenge snaps you awake. You usually bend to accommodate others, but not today. Now everyone counts. Convince them.
You’re no shrinking violet. You stand up for what’s important today. Those who are truly close to you choose their battles carefully.
You’re uncorked today. Don’t try to hold this energy back. Use it. Aim yourself toward a worthy goal, and fire. Your destiny beckons to you.
You’re frustrated by slow people today, but realize that you slow down sometimes, too. Perhaps everyone should practice more patience.
A breeze in your sail sweeps you along at a brisk pace today. Move projects forward as much as you can. Take advantage of this fair wind.
Use this burst of motivation and energy on a creative endeavor. Stick with it till it’s done so it’s not hanging around, unfinished.
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