Daily Horoscope (September 9, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Inside sources deliver intelligence that you can believe. Move fast and act today on this development. Be forthright about what you know.
The simplest answer might be the best and most realistic one today. Still, it could be a trial getting everyone else to understand that.
Personal energy brings new mobility. Now you have the drive to really get somewhere. By the end of today you could be miles along your path.
You like having choices, but you might get more than you can handle today. Try not to be paralyzed by indecision. Focus on what’s at stake.
You may have to mediate a sticky situation between friends or associates today. Others could use your warm, fair perspective.
Focus and data are scattered all over. People who should be above reproach are being blamed. It’s nobody’s fault. Cool off today.
Saying just what you mean, even in tender moments, is easier than usual today. You know exactly where you want this to go.
Today, you’re just going through the motions. Your heart isn’t in it. Have a good talk with someone, or exercise to move the energy.
Do you know your logic from your philosophy? The two intermesh now, making it hard to know the right path. Ask a friend for their input.
A gloomy mood sets in today. You’re like an awkward teenager, worried everyone will laugh. But forget about it. Just be your wonderful self.
You’re powerful and self-reliant, and yet still able to serve others’ needs. You must have a master plan in mind — you’re too smart not to.
Don’t assume indifference and melancholy are your only choices today. Happiness isn’t as elusive as you currently think. Tap into it.
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