Daily Horoscope (September 10, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Get ready for a day of interesting opportunities. People want your input on many projects. Be frank about what you can and can’t handle.
Your inner grace, elegance and modesty are on full display now. This puts you under the radar but everyone wants you. Just go with the flow.
That sibling rivalry dynamic you’ve got going with someone is outmoded. Time to focus on what you have in common. That will open some doors.
You’re extra witty and affectionate now, simply because you’re feeling fine. This is a great day for chatting with friends or creating art.
A day of nimble grace and a positive, loving attitude help you move easily through the world. Everyone is glad to see your smiling face.
Your inner demons are scheming and priggish. Ignore the dark side of your id. Tolerance and generosity will fill your heart soon.
Your mental state is excellent, the road before you beautifully smooth. Thinking and acting are easy now, and your life feels charmed.
Secrecy won’t get you anywhere today, though your instinct is to hide the truth. Being open will open you up to some great opportunities.
Rise above your mental games today. Real sincerity comes from the heart. You still want things to work out for everyone, don’t you?
A critical, ill-tempered day will only set you back, so don’t be like that. You might spoil some excellent chances. Open that closed mind.
A single-minded approach to your goals is fast bringing you closer to reaching them. You have the resources you need to make your plan work.
Misty-eyed memories grip you. High-strung reactions push you. Today you don’t know if you’re coming or going. At least you’re here.
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