Daily Horoscope (September 1, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Do something creative today. Your imagination is vibrant. Images and impressions rise like bubbles. Music, poetry and art inspire you.
This may be a quiet day. Your energy is a bit low. Take it easy. Nurture yourself with extra sleep. Be gentle with yourself and others.
Today could be tricky. You’re feeling much more emotional than usual. The images and impressions in your mind are abstract at best.
You’re strongly compassionate today, but your personal boundaries are still solid. You can show your soft side or your strength, as needed.
Emotional vulnerability can be an issue today. Life might seem harsh, or impossibly sweet. But this is just a fleeting impression.
Your energy may be low today. It’s difficult to focus. Let your mind wander. Make up for low productivity when you’re feeling more alert.
Your energy is low today. You may not feel as social as usual. Read a book or write in your journal. Sit quietly with your thoughts.
Today, you’re experiencing life from a highly subjective perspective. Your feelings are softer than usual. Your vulnerability feels good.
Spiritual pursuits call you today. Meditation broadens your mind and centers your energy. A visit to a meaningful place elevates your soul.
Life seems lovelier today than usual. Your soul is open to revelation. You’re moved by music, art, or stories of other people’s struggles.
Your concern for the world increases today. You may start thinking about how to change things for the better. See where this takes you.
You feel things extra deeply today. Compassion is a wonderful gift. But you must also work harder than others to establish solid boundaries.
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