Daily Horoscope (August 9, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Your leadership abilities are apparent today. You can get everyone revved up and ready to go! Be sure to strike while the iron is hot.
Today you need a positive outlet for your high energy. If your stubborn streak is aroused, you might get combative without realizing it.
Spontaneity is the way to go today. There’s a kind of kinetic magic in impulsive acts. This helps you grab opportunities as they arise.
Tempers could flare today, including yours. Folks aren’t being kind or tactful enough. You might also overreact if you jump to conclusions.
A boost from the cosmos brings you extra courage today. Dive right into whatever you have on your plate. Your creativity helps a lot.
You’re in the mood for adventure today. Odds are good you’ll find one! Unexpected events keep you on your toes. This could wear you out!
Rash decisions and jumping to conclusions are common today. You might witness an argument or get into one. At least you’ll keep it civil!
Your passion puts you in tune today with exactly what you want. Be sure to keep a sense of perspective as you pursue your heart’s desire.
Today, your best luck comes from your faith in the future. You trust things to work out, which makes it easy to act spontaneously.
Watch your temper today. Everything seems like a big deal, and folks are feeling spunky. That’s why you need to choose your battles.
A competitive edge helps you meet challenges today. You shine under pressure. Higher stakes sharpen your thinking. Now you’re decisive!
Today the brash power of the universe fills you. Use it! Just watch out for hasty decisions and careless acts as you build independence.
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