Daily Horoscope (August 1, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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You’re anxious, then hyper, then upset, then sorry. This cycle will keep repeating for this annoying day. Try not to prolong it.
Strength and energy infuse you, prepping you for a productive day of hard work. Good thing you love putting effort into meaningful projects.
Strange things come out of your mouth when you’re feeling uncomfortable. Make sure people know you aren’t really petty or empty-headed.
Following through on important work may mean pulling long hours at the office. You’ll get it done, and your partnerships will be stronger.
If you want to show off, don’t be fussy about it. People have short attention spans, so don’t get worked up if they lose interest quickly.
This is your chance to learn from a master. To help you gain understanding, imitate the moves of someone you respect for today
You want to please others, but they can tell your heart isn’t in it. Limit your generosity today. Don’t overextend. Get some ‘me’ time.
There’s no need now to work in seclusion. With your experience, you can handle anything — and prove yourself to anyone who doubts you.
You might be in the mood for high adventure, but stick to the program today. Rewards reaped now will fund those adventures in the future.
Go after the juicy bits with that dry sense of humor. You’ll have people rolling in the aisles for a day or so. You should be in comedy.
Climbing that career ladder suddenly seems less important than making independent decisions. Focus on what’s right for you and yours.
You abhor stepping on anyone’s toes on your way to the top. Why not elevate them with you as you ascend to greatness over the next day?
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