Daily Horoscope (July 20, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Get ready for a double-dose of emotion today. Both ardor and anger will die down soon. Don’t let your inner Neanderthal rule. Play it cool.
Being possessive isn’t always a bad thing, especially when you aren’t obsessing. Sometimes you show your love and commitment by holding on.
You’re going to be deliberate and precise. You could spend today lost in the fascinating details. But the grander scheme is more important.
Your energy is fine and motivated now. Merge with the rhythm of your surroundings. Today you ought to blend in perfectly with others.
You’re assertive but not alarming to loved ones. Today you’re like a mama bear protecting the cubs. Go easy on those teeth and claws.
Some probing questions bring greater understanding into something you’ve been wondering about. Your newfound knowledge will empower you.
You’re hoarding now, but sharing is worth the effort, even if now it feels like a challenge. Reach out to family, neighbors and strangers.
You have a chance now to shelter someone who needs refuge. The world is coming to you, so greet it warmly. You can share your blessings.
Err on the side of caution today. You do take a chance by waiting a day or two, but you’ll know when to switch from passive to active mode.
Persisting in this bossy behavior would be a mistake. A little serious reflection may be in order. You can afford to be more cooperative.
You want to indulge your whims at any cost. But will you respect others in the process? Focus more on your surroundings and friends today.
Utopian visions are running strong through your mind. For once, they are realistic and convincing. Mold a workable plan for the future.
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