Daily Horoscope (July 11, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Your devil-may-care attitude is exciting and attractive to other people. They may follow your lead — but being on your own is fine, too.
You may have an aggressive edge today. You aren’t in the mood to deal with obstacles calmly, but blasting through them may not work.
You’re moving fast today, so careless mistakes are possible. But who cares? You’re having fun and learning from your missteps. No problem!
There’s a heated edge to life today. There may be a little too much hotheaded attitude flying around for comfort! Spend time on your own.
Testing your skills feels great today. You want to be independent! Your self-confidence is well deserved. Go out and prove yourself.
You’re extra motivated today. Ambition fills you. You’re determined to reach your goal. And you aren’t afraid to get a little pushy!
Today life is fresh, raw and unrehearsed. That could make you nervous! But you’re great at being spontaneous and thinking on your feet.
Thick skin is important today. Otherwise, the world could rub you the wrong way. Many people are competitive, and could hurt your feelings.
Your inner fire blazes today! Pursue whatever you’re excited about. Create your own destiny. It’s almost certain to be something good!
Your ambitious streak takes center stage today. This helps if you’re pushing toward a tough goal, but try not to be pushy with others.
Plans could change quickly today. If so, run with it! Follow your impulses. Just use your head and you’ll know if something’s a good bet.
You could feel a little more sensitive than usual today. Or maybe other people are being a bit tactless. This influence will pass soon.
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