Daily Horoscope (June 24, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Think progressively for a day or so. Be consistent with your principles. Extend them a little further with just a little more effort.
You have the heart of a saint and the ambitions of a dictator. Listen to your higher power for another few days. Don’t get things backwards.
Accept your buoyant mood. Let happy memories float your boat. For at least two days you can be ecstatic and reasonable. There’s no conflict.
The rules nurture you. Orderly living will divide the next two days into short, digestible segments. For now you’re happy to ignore chaos.
Use your authority as an act of faith. If you believe, others will follow. If you just go through the motions, they’ll know you’re faking.
Be a good egg for two days. Keep your sunny side up. Your hands are sure and your heart is true. So what if you’re boring? This feels fine.
Ardent lovers are surprisingly gentle now. Use your passion in positive ways. Make others revise their opinions of you in the next two days.
Watch your mouth for the next few days. Go easy on the dramatic entrances and exits. Why do you need a larger-than-life reality anyway?
A little vanity couldn’t hurt. It’s your way of attracting and encouraging others for the next few days. Let the good things find you.
Swollen-headed types lose their balance. For the next two days, remember that pride goes before a fall. Don’t feel lonely or misunderstood.
You’re intuitively brilliant, and a highly creative iconoclast, too. How many myths can you debunk in the next two days? Beware of blowback.
Step away from the mirror. Walk on solid ground instead of hot air. Self-images are fine and dandy, but reconnect with your true self today.
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