Daily Horoscope (June 22, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Beneath that somber act there’s a rakish twinkle in your eye. You might think you’re just having fun, but someone might find you unpleasant.
Time for a warm, comfy day. Without pressure, you can relax and be creative. Savor the subtleties of friendship and smell life’s roses.
For once, you crave familiarity. Stay home with loved ones, or invite friends to join you over a home-cooked meal. Indulge in intimacy.
You’re an independent thinker. Today you’ll be emotionally reserved around others. It’s OK. They’ll love you more when you come back.
You’re dreaming of adventures today, which, at the moment, is actually better than having them in real life. This is your chance to plan.
Rituals comfort you today. Beyond that, your aspirations are relatively modest. Others should respect your thoughtful pace.
You’re in a lazy mood today. You’ll spout opinions without supporting them. That’s okay if you’re not in a serious debate.
Your outlook becomes more worldly today — ironic, since you’re feeling like a homebody. Your mood is too good to judge anyone else.
Your idiosyncrasies aren’t going anywhere, nor should they. Let people wonder. You are who you are, and you’re learning to love it.
You’re penetrating others’ secrets while hiding your own. This is just stirring up conflict. Try being open and accepting today.
New developments don’t interest you today, which is unlike you. You don’t want to look like an old fogy, do you? Don’t box yourself in.
You deserve a hand today. Your selflessness will reward everyone and gather important people to you. This is true success.
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