Daily Horoscope (May 26, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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A sloppy performance now could make you a laughingstock among friends or work mates. Don’t let this tense day in the spotlight wilt you.
Conservative judgments and industrious habits serve you well. You’ll have all the angles for another day. Any operation is sure to thrive.
Things at home could use your attention. Spend today getting your files or finances in order. Tedious? Sure. Still, it’s an important job.
Dare to merge custom with innovation today. You have a gut feeling about what works. Surprise yourself and everyone else.
You’re a sponge for useful items today. You’ve got a plan in the works, so keep these tools around. They’re sure to come in handy soon.
Someone’s approval for your approach to a certain project or situation feels pretty good. So does gaining enlightenment without showing off.
One minute you’re lonely and even needy; the next, you’re projecting an untrusting attitude. What do you want? Decide soon, and get it.
Coziness doesn’t have to equal laziness. You’re comfortable in your warm cocoon, but your strong motivations make accomplishments a snap.
Your sentimental heart and fiery temper are all stirred up today, but try to compromise. You owe it to yourself and to everyone else.
Tricky situations at home or with a partner should improve soon. Speed the process by listening up rather than pushing your own agenda.
You’re feeling blue, and home isn’t much of a refuge now. Maybe a long walk or run outside will help, or a nap. Take care of yourself today.
Your heart is strong right now because you’re sure of your place in the world. Savor this certainty. It doesn’t come often, or stay long.
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