Daily Horoscope (May 2, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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The world’s too straight-laced for your liking today. But rules are there for a reason. Do your best to follow the important ones now.
Take care of business today, especially mundane tasks at work or around the house. When you finish, you’ll know you did an impeccable job.
Be precise and thorough in your communication today. That way, you’ll avoid snafus, and you’ll know you attended to every possible detail.
Careful, steady progress is the name of your game today. Do each task thoroughly. Then, stand back and admire the precision of your work.
Mundane tasks claim the lion’s share of your attention today. This may be tedious, but there’s undeniable satisfaction in a job well done.
Today your attention turns toward cleanliness and organization. Clearing the decks at work or home in preparation for the month ahead.
Sincerity and simplicity count for a lot today. Be thorough in everything you do. Treat even minor tasks as worthy of careful attention.
Caution and self-restraint count for a lot today. It’s easy to avoid unnecessary purchases and indulgences. You’re just that practical.
Exercise caution today. Be thorough and careful in your work. Guard resources like money, energy and time. Stretch out the important stuff.
Patience and caution are yours in spades today. Be thorough in all you do, and stay alert to details. No task is too mundane to matter.
Attention to detail is important today, but try not to get too caught up in the small stuff. If you do, you’ll just drive yourself crazy!
It’s important to communicate meticulously today, especially when dealing with professional or financial matters. Clarify your ideas.
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