Daily Horoscope (May 19, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Your energy is off the charts today! You’ll have a great day if you watch out for ill-considered decisions and learn from your missteps.
Your energy is up today. You’ve got the guts and creativity to do just about anything you want. Make it something you’re passionate about.
You’re in high spirits today, and your impulsive streak is a mile wide. You’re a force of nature! Have fun getting into madcap scrapes.
You’re strong of mind and heart today. Taking charge shouldn’t be any trouble, except others are in touch with their inner authority, too.
Today you’re full of wonderfully devil-may-care audacity. You have the confidence you need to accomplish anything you want. Aim high!
Today, ambition flares. Suddenly, you’re bold enough to go after something you want. Go for it, once you’ve made sure about all the details.
Brash energy flies around today. You wish everyone could get along, but don’t expect it. Still, don’t mistake a debate for real conflict.
Your temper is set to simmer today, and could flare. Run-ins could occur when your patience is stretched. Try not to be insensitive.
Your individualist streak flares to life today. Whatever you’re passionate about, use the current energy burst to pursue it ardently.
Watch how you speak to people today. You’re just trying to get something accomplished, but you may not realize you’ve snapped at someone.
Today your interest in something is sparked. Your blood is humming. It’s a great time for thinking on your feet. Create your own success.
Try not to be thin-skinned today. People are in bold, even aggressive moods. Someone might press a vulnerable spot without realizing it.
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