Daily Horoscope (May 15, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Be extra considerate of others today. Most people are feeling sensitive and sentimental. Approach friends with care, even if you’re upset.
You want to make life easier on others today. You don’t care about personal gain. You want to make a strong, sweet connection with a friend.
You aren’t as quick-witted and fleet of foot as usual. Move slowly and don’t push yourself. It’s okay to take a little downtime, you know.
You feel even more drawn to home than usual. You’re vulnerable, so comfort is important. Sleep in or go to bed early. You need extra rest.
What seemed solid now seems unstable. But nothing has changed except your point of view. Pay no attention to dark, discouraged thoughts.
It’s hard for you to admit that life isn’t perfect. Seek comfort or humor in knowing that organization and decisiveness are lost causes.
You’re too nice for your own good today. Be gentle with yourself, not just with others. Withdraw from bullies and tough situations.
Deep compassion softens you today. You care deeply about what others need, and you want to help. Everyone can see what a big heart you have.
You might feel alone today, even if you’re surrounded by people. Be honest with yourself about your feelings, but avoid pessimism.
If someone in your life needs help today, offer your sympathy and support, not practical solutions. Good thing this is so easy to do now.
Your devotion to someone or something you love deepens today. Your connection goes beyond reason. Explore this emotional, subjective realm.
You may not feel motivated today, but make an effort to focus on the next few weeks. Plan a creative project that expresses your essence.
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