Daily Horoscope (May 10, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Watch others today. See if you should continue entertaining them. If not, there are truer ways of amusing yourself.
You can have anyone eating out of your hand today, if that’s what you want. This is the perfect time to push forward on a pet project.
Your own haphazard planning and execution are making you more tense. There’s no reason to whine. Everyone has off days. You can do better.
Important projects and problems merit your business face today. Work or other responsibilities might demand your focused attention.
Maybe your attention to details is the only way you’ll get through today.Your friends and colleagues won’t know what to make of you.
You’re ready, able and willing to set everything right today. Your ideas are practical and your goals are high yet perfectly attainable.
You may feel entitled now but it’s a luxury that’ll come back to bite you later. Why not keep the gossip to a minimum while you still can?
Ride today’s changes instead of trying to control them.If you have a stake in the outcome, you’re going to win.
Despite your usual good cheer, you’ve slipped into a no-nonsense mood. Use this today to get something substantial accomplished.
Structure and follow through will be your best friends today. Honest work will open new doors and leave behind stirring memories.
Your best bet today is to fall back on traditional values and old-fashioned cooperation as you address your responsibilities.
Rethink your urge to force-feed. Dump your charity only on those who actually want it. Two days of real sharing will make a real difference.
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