Daily Horoscope (April 21, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Welcome to a stimulating, high-energy day. You may be in the mood for a good debate. If so, be sure to choose your opponents carefully!
Today you may get involved in lively debates and find you’re very passionate about a subject. But don’t your heels in just to make a point!
Lively discussions develop quickly today. You’re making quick mental connections. Your thoughts move quickly. One idea sparks another.
It’s a great day to get a lot accomplished. You’re willing to stand up for yourself if necessary, but it’s also possible to overreact.
Your creativity is strong today. Showcase your talents or pursue a meaningful goal. You can easily command a room. People are listening.
Today, perceptions come fast and furious. Make a conscious effort to slow down when doing detailed work, or you might skip important steps.
Today, working or playing with others could bring up tension. If so, try to see all sides. Negotiate a truce so everyone can come together.
Make a conscious effort today to stay cool. Otherwise, your temper could get the best of you. Many people are quicker to act and react now.
Today your creativity abounds. So does your physical energy. You have the initiative and stamina needed to bring a vision vividly to life.
Power struggles are possible today. You want control, which leads to run-ins with other people whose vision is as strong as yours.
You’re enthusiastic now, ready to take on the world. You bring a great deal of creativity to the table. High spirits help you work quickly.
You’re extra alert today. Hard work and long odds don’t faze you. You’ll make it or break it on the strength of your own creativity.
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