Daily Horoscope (April 20, 2020)

Kelli Fox

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Today you’re incredibly determined. Your energy is plentiful, your spirits high. You can reach any goal through sheer force of will.
You’re headstrong and determined today. Work toward a goal, if possible. Use your charm with others, so you don’t step on their toes.
Welcome to a high-spirited day. You’re bursting with enthusiasm! Chart your own course now. Following rules and regulations makes you itchy.
Your natural leadership skills are highlighted today. Focus on a goal, but be accommodating toward others and sensitive to their feelings.
You’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today! So be spontaneous. Greet every challenge as an opportunity. The future is looking so exciting!
You’re feeling more alert and goal-oriented than usual, but you may find yourself starting several projects and not finishing any of them.
Your leadership skills come to the fore today, but taking the lead can be uncomfortable. Taking a strong stance could upset someone.
You have plenty of physical energy today. Tackle a project requiring vigorous work. You can push through strenuous tasks gracefully.
Get some physical exercise today. You’re going to need to work off some of your extra energy! It’s a great day for physical endeavors.
The fire of determination blazes within you today. You burn through tasks like dry leaves. Apply yourself to one or two bigger projects.
Today you bring a uniquely inventive perspective to everything you do. You love testing new theories, not to mention pushing boundaries!
Life seems a bit hard and bright for your tastes today. Do your best to keep up with the pace. Take breaks so you don’t wear yourself out.
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