Daily Horoscope (April 17, 2019)

Kelli Fox

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Tap into your natural charm today. Cooperation with others is more important than usual, even if you have to fake it till you make it!
Partnerships take center stage today. You can negotiate a truce with someone. You’re both interested in staying harmoniously connected.
Today should be about fun and friends. No social events on your agenda? Treat yourself to someplace where you can appreciate beauty.
Your closest partnerships need some attention today. Talk about that elephant in the room. Stay calm and compassionate even if you’re upset.
No matter how disciplined you are, today could throw you off your game. There’s too much lovely temptation! Go on, indulge — a little.
Today, you respond to art, music or language more than usual. Indulge the imaginative part of your spirit that delights in vivid color.
Today, don’t be afraid to step in if tension develops among friends. Play negotiator. Serve as the voice of reason and restore harmony.
Today, it’s important to get along with others. Go out of your way to keep the peace. Choose your battles, or address problems later.
Creativity abounds today. Create some imaginative work of your own, spend time with artistic friends, or go to a gallery or music show.
Today’s influence spotlights your partnerships. It’s especially important now to get along, though it’s difficult to share responsibility.
You’re a hard worker. Balance that out with some fun today. Gather with friends. Enjoy good food and company. Trade stories and ideas.
Today your creativity is strong. Your muse can help you produce works of incredible imagination. Or, deeply absorb others’ works of art.
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