Daily Horoscope (December 13, 2018)

Kelli Fox

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Be kind to yourself and others today. Take it easy. Nurturing activities are personally fulfilling and will help you regain your energy.
Passivity has crept in today, replacing your usual opinions. You prefer gentle harmony, so you’ll defer to others’ needs and preferences.
You feel uneasy today. Vague emotional impressions are driving you crazy. But why not just go with it? Stop thinking and start feeling.
The world is in a highly emotional space today. For some, this is vulnerable, but not you. Give someone your kind, loving advice or support.
It’s a good day for passive reflection. Get some extra sleep or plan low-key, home-based activities. Let your mind wander. Take it easy.
You’re a problem-solver, but today, a vague sense of confusion makes it difficult to focus. Tune in to your instincts instead of logic.
Protect yourself today in negotiations with other people. You may not even know what you want. Even if you do, it’s too easy to give it up.
You’re emotionally grounded today. You’re relating to others in a kinder, more genuine way. Selfless acts of kindness expand your soul.
You’re quite idealistic today. If a friend or coworker advises you against something, believe them. Temper idealism with common sense.
Your head and heart are working in tandem today. What a great foundation for performing good deeds and acts of service! Help others.
If you want to spend the day relaxing, reading, napping or daydreaming, do it. Be creative. It’s hard now to concentrate on mundane tasks.
Let your mind wander today, and pay attention to the places that it visits. You’ll uncover your own dreams. Then, you can pursue them.
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